Born in 1966, Bella Wiedl experimented with different materials and colors intensively until she found her own neo-symbolic style. Her profession as an actress has a strong influence on her art: it is the job of an actor to look behind the facade of a person in order to portray their true character. Similarily, her sculpturepaintings enable a view into the inner -being. With the series “KÖRPERSPRACHE” (body language), each painting shows a person in a particular posture which represents an emotion or an emotional situation. The texture in the background should strengthen the posture or cause an antagonistic infringement. A distinctive feature of all sculpturepaintings which is sometimes not immediately visible, is a gold-leaf inlay. Symbolically it implies the origin of the theme or a very vulnerable spot. By purposely rejecting bright colors and the play of light and shadows on the reliefs, the viewer is provided with an enhanced freedom of interpretation. The objects have been acquired by and are on display in select galleries, companies, top clinics, therapy rooms and domestic rooms. Bella Wiedl presently resides in the south of Munich and her studio is located in an unused swimmingpool.

The sculpture paintings are made of plaster on canvas. The unique reliefs emerge through physical displacement and varying bonding forces of the gypsum material. Through this technique reliefs with heights of up to 5 cm are achieved. In several steps the objects are whitewashed within the spectrum of the color WHITE and then lightly pigmented. Every object is an original, and usually large-sized. The dimensions depend on your needs and the space available. The canvas is of high quality and wrapped around a solid wood frame. The frame depth is usually 4,5 - 6 cm. All objects are framed by a shadow gap wood frame which enhances the plasticity and creates an accentuated border; particularily eye-catching if it is displayed on a white wall. The shadow gap wood frames can be ordered in any desired color to match your furnishings, company logo or wall color etc. and have a maximum depth of up to 7 cm. Light sources breathe life into the bellawiedl sculpturepaintings. A lateral, natural or artificial light source, intensifies the three-dimensional effect. If desired, Bella Wiedl will work with a light designer to obtain optimal results for the art pieces.